1 GB Ram with Virtual Servers.com

Times they change, the amount of Oomph you need changes. That why we are pleased to offer our Edge Virtual Servers with 1GB of RAM as standard.  We have also been under the hood of the platform making some tweaks and we are pleased to announce our platform has never been in better health.


We have listened to you feedback on our distributions and have released some of the latest and most secure Linux distributions for you all to enjoy.


We would like to thank all of our loyal customers during the last 12 months – it’s been a great year for us all. We hope you continue to enjoy our VirtualServers and get the most out of them.


Best regards and season’s greetings.


The VirtualServers team


VirtualServers.com launches easy install applications for its VPS range

VirtualServers.com are pleased to launch an extensive library of easy to install “Software as a Service” (Saas) applications for its VPS range.

Available as an option to the Plesk Control panel, customers will have access to a multitude of applications designed to make the users life easier. Applications range from Inventory Management and HR through to Collaboration and Ecommerce.

Amongst the most well known applications included are, Wordpress, Magento Ecommerce, Php Bulletin Board, Php Money, Drupal and Joomla.

Over 100 SaaS applications are now available to VirtualServers.com customers via Power Pack.  Users can easily install online stores (ecommerce), chat and blogging software, management tools, project collaboration tools and more at a fraction of the cost of doing each individually.

SaaS applications are growing ever more popular and the inclusion of such a wide range of apps directly via VPS hosting providers is only going to increase the awareness, usage and popularity of them.

Visit the Plesk Power Pack page for more information >

Save 50% on Virtual Servers until 14th September

OFFER EXTENDED: Due to high demand, we’ve extended this offer until 14th September

That’s correct … all new virtual server products bought up until (and including) 14th September 2009 will benefit from a massive 50% discount!

What products are included in the offer?
All servers within our range are covered. So, whether you’re after specific application servers such as the Ruby VPS or MetaTrader VPS, wanting to customise your own server setup with the Edge Virtual Server or prefer to benefit from ongoing discounts with the Swarm Server, you can still benefit from this discount.

Consider the Edge Virtual Server
One of our most popular products, the Edge Server can be yours at 50% discount until 14th September. The Edge Server is fully customisable by you at signup allowing you to choose from 512Mb to 3072MB of RAM and 40GB to 240GB of Storage. Not only that, you can also choose one of three different Server Control Panel options, from up to 12 distributions including CentOs, Ubuntu and Fedora and can bolt on SSL Certificates and domains if you wish.

Get your Virtual Server at 50% discount before the offer ends!

Terms and conditions apply.

Why buying a server is like buying a house …

Not sure how to differentiate between dedicated, virtual and shared hosting options? Then try comparing your decision process to that of buying a house and hopefully the benefits of each will be clearer.

A dedicated server, for example, could be the equivalent of a free standing home where you have complete control of the building, the grounds and can add bolt-ons as you please, such as a garage or a driveway. With a dedicated server, you have control over it, the software it runs and you can add bolt-ons as you please and, like the equivalent house, it is stand alone, meaning you do not share resources with others.

A virtual private server would be the equivalent of a semi detached or terraced home, where the house and garden are yours to do with what you please, but they are part of a larger building shared with neighbours. You’re not sharing resources and you can modify, improve and mange your part of the overall building without impacting on others. Virtual Private Servers offer the same situation. You will share a larger server with other customers, but the server is partitioned to allow each resident their very own section, meaning what you to do your area will not affect your hosting neighbours and vice versa when your hosting neighbours customise their areas.

Taking account of the comparisons of Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers to stand alone housing and semi detached / terraced buildings respectively, then shared web hosting would be comparable to a rented flat where you reside in a small area of a much larger building. It’s not a bad place to live and it suits the needs of many people, but it does come with restrictions, which is why it is often the cheaper option. You’re often restricted in what decorative upgrades you can make and there are rarely self help options should anything break, you normally have to rely on a factor. Similarly with shared hosting, it is a cheaper option and you do share one server with a huge number of other customers. You’re also restricted in upgrades and downgrades that can be made and there are no options to administer the server yourself if anything breaks. You have to wait on the support of your hosting provider.

So which is best? Dedicated Hosting (Stand alone home), Virtual Private Server hosting (Semi detached / terraced home) or Shared Hosting (rented flat)?

Our vote would be a virtual private server, of course. It gives you the freedom and almost all of the benefits of the dedicated hosting option while having a pricing model far more related to the shared hosting model. The best of both worlds!

Comparing VPS to shared hosting

When you go comparative shopping for anything in life that is exactly what you are going to be doing, comparing one thing to another or maybe even to several others. Comparative shopping is the only way to make the best and most informed decision about anything.

Choosing hosting services is no different to any other type of shopping. When you are looking for a hosting company for your website and application needs, it is vital to look around before making your final decision.

Comparative shopping: Shared versus Virtual

Shared hosting is fairly self explanatory. You are going to be sharing one server and all its resources with a huge number of other websites. You’ll also have little (or no) control over technical needs and wants and you will not be able to install, uninstall or upgrade any of the software on the server. In addition, the part of the shared server upon which your site sits is susceptible to the problems of your neighbours and that can cause catastrophes for you and your website. Bandwidth abuse by someone else sharing the server, for example, will cause your site to slow down in its operation.

Standard shared hosting also limits your security and protection, because of the limited control you have with the server. None of this is conducive to running a business. The one real positive of shared hosting is price. Due to the shared / restrictive nature of the setup, you can buy shared hosting at low, low cost.

VPS, on the other hand, offers you a much better shared server system to work from. You will still be sharing a server with other websites and domains, but that is where the comparison with shared hosting ends.

Your portion of the virtual server will be isolated as though you were working on a dedicated server. You will have control over the technical needs of your website and applications and you can upgrade, install and uninstall software as often as you like. The security is better, the upgrade options are better and generally you have a better spec of disk space / bandwidth etc.

So, while a VPS may be a shared server, the resources used are not shared. Your portion of the server will not be affected by the activity of your VPS neighbours.

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